Welcome at our Boston Terrier kennel

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website, please take your time in looking through our various pages. We’ve been raising Boston terriers for several years and learned a great deal about these amazing dogs during the process.

With time we also developed a relentless eternal passion for this wonderful breed. We strive to produce a line of dogs that are sound in mind and body.


In order to do this we are doing certain health clearances on all our breeding stock.

This will not necessarily eliminate all problems, but it will help us to work toward the goal of producing far fewer genetic problems. 


I strongly encourage you to do your homework and ask for the best.

The best does not always means, those who has the best results at show or dogs which have many championlines in their pedigrees, but are those who care enough, to do what is best for the breed and its future, by doing what is needed now.

Please feel free to contact us with any question you might have about the breed.